The Romanov Ransom by Anne Armstrong-Thompson


My Review:

I really enjoyed reading this, there was a great level of suspense and I loved the 
setting for the story. The characters were interesting and I loved the idea that
 maybe one of the Romanovs survived.

5 out of 5 stars


When CIA agent Ward Grant is imprisoned by the Russians deep in the dreaded Lubyanka Prison, he fears he is a forgotten man.

With détente, however, the U.S. Government arranges an exchange to save Grant.

But the Russians will only release him if the United States finds and delivers the priceless imperial treasure that vanished during the Russian Revolution – the twelve Imperial Easter Eggs crafted by Faberge for the family of Czar Nicholas, each lavishly decorated with enamels and jewels, each worth a fortune.

Although their recovery seems unlikely, the CIA assigns agency veteran Henryk Kessel to find them.

He and his assistant, the beautiful Leslie Monroe, try to piece together the vanished past, combing the archives and museums of the world for a clue.

In a hunt that takes them from the elegant drawing rooms of Georgetown to the busy bars of Stockholm, they pursue their mission.

But it soon becomes evident that others, including the KGB, are on the same trail.

As suspicion grows that not all the Romanovs are dead, Leslie quickly becomes target as well as pursuer, while Ward’s life hangs in the balance.

The Romanov Ransom is haunting in its intensity. Complete with danger and romance, it brings novelist Thompson into the front ranks of espionage literature.

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