Seven Sovereign Queens by Geoffrey Trease



“It was an odd family to be born into. When not marrying, they were murdering one another.”

Here are the personal stories of sovereign queens and empresses famous in world history, expertly chosen by Geoffrey Trease not only for their historical importance but also for their dramatic personalities and their intriguing personal lives.

Their reigns span time from the ancient world to the 18th century, from Cleopatra to Catherine the Great

Trease vividly recreates settings ranging from Christina’s Sweden to Isabella’s Spain, and from Roman Britain to the Vienna of Maria Theresa.

The author’s customary insight and inviting style bring his subjects to life not only as outstanding rulers but as women whose stories have fascinated the world.

Seven Sovereign Queens is an engaging collection of biographies full of excitement and human interest.

My Review:

This book was interesting and well-researched, the author was able to keep the book interesting. I enjoyed reading about Galla Placidia as I’ve never knew about this Queen. Mr. Trease was able make the remaining Queens biographies interesting and wasn’t just rehashing the same thing. Overall I really enjoyed reading this and look forward to more from this author.

5 out of 5 stars

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