Girl Number One by Jane Holland



There’s a body in the woods. At least, there was. Eleanor Blackwood saw it on her morning run: a young woman, strangled to death.

But the police can find nothing—no body, no sign of a crime—and even Ellie has to wonder if it was a trick of her mind, a gruesome vision conjured up by grief. It’s eighteen years to the day since she witnessed her own mother’s murder on the same woodland spot. But what if she really did see what she thinks she saw? What if the body was left there for Ellie alone to find?

And there’s one detail Ellie can’t shake: a deliberate number three on the dead woman’s forehead. When she discovers a second body, this one bearing the number two, Ellie is convinced they are not messages but threats. The killer is on a countdown: but who is girl number one?

This book comes out September 27th, 2016

My Review:

This is such a good mystery, it had me guessing up til the end. I loved Eleanor, and really felt for her character when the body disappeared. That part kinda reminded me of another Eleanor, from the Haunting of Hill House, but I’m glad this Eleanor was able to show proof of the murders. The reveal of the killer was great, and I almost felt bad for the killer. All of the characters were really interesting and I didn’t want any of them to die. Overall it was a really good read that I would recommend to fans of mystery and I look forward to more from Ms. Holland.

5 out of 5 stars

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