Confession of a Serial Killer: The Untold Story of Dennis Rader, the BTK Killer by Katherine Ramsland, Ph.D.



In 1974, Dennis Lynn Rader stalked and murdered a family of four in Wichita, Kansas. Since adolescence, he had read about serial killers and imagined becoming one. Soon after killing the family, he murdered a young woman and then another, until he had ten victims. He named himself “B.T.K.” (bind, torture kill) and wrote notes that terrorized the city. He remained on the loose for thirty years. No one who knew him guessed his dark secret. He nearly got away with his crimes. Then in 2004, he began to play risky games with the police. He made a mistake. When he was arrested, Rader’s family, friends, and coworkers were shocked to discover that B.T.K. had been among them, going to work, raising his children and acting normal. This case stands out both for the brutal treatment of victims and for the ordinary public face that Rader, a church council president, had shown to the outside world. Prolific author and expert on serial murder, Katherine Ramsland worked with Rader himself to analyze the layers of his psyche. Through drawings, letters, interviews and Rader’s unique codes, she presents in agonizing detail the childhood roots and development of one man’s motivation to stalk, torture and kill. Ramsland presents an intelligent, original, and rare glimpse into the making of a serial killer and the potential darkness that lives next door.

This book comes out September 6th, 2016

My Review:

What a fascinating read, it was amazing that Dr. Ramsland was able to compile these interviews from Dennis Rader and keep it interesting. I liked how it was sectioned in each chapter it was able to tell the story it needed to. Overall I enjoyed reading this and would recommend it to fans of non-fiction or books about serial killers.

5 out of 5 stars

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