The Spell Thief by Tom Percival



Join Red, Jack, Rapunzel, and Anansi in this fun fairy tale mash-up chapter book series!
Life for Jack is great: he’s got a magical talking hen called Betsy, he lives in a town where stories literally grow on trees, and all his best friends live there with him. That is, until Anansi, the new kid in town arrives…
When Jack sees Anansi having a secret meeting with a troll, everything changes. Trolls mean trouble and Jack will stop at nothing to prove that Tale Town is in danger. Even if that means using stolen magic.

This book comes out December 1st 2016

My Review:

What an adorable adventure, I loved the little kid fairy tale aspect and it was so 
well written and just plain adorable, I loved Jack and all of his friends, and I 
think it works well not just for children but adults will enjoy it too. I look 
forward to the next adventure of Jack as well as more from Mr. Percival.

5 out of 5 stars

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