The Golden Amazon The Original Golden Amazon Saga Book 1 by John Russell Fearn



For the first time in ebook!

A world in ruins…

And one woman to save them…

Sick of World War II and what it has cost everyone, one scientist has conceived of a plan to craft the perfect person, a woman who can rule the world without devolving into the madness of men.

Dr James Axton has created a revolutionary scientific process of altering the glands and the chemicals they produce to create a human stronger, smarter, and better than nature had ever tintended.

But there is one problem: he needs a subject – a young female child, the genesis for a new age.

After a nearby bombing orphans dozens of children, the child, Violet Ray, becomes his best hope for this daring experiment.

As Violet grows, it becomes clear that human compassion and emotion are foreign to her. She openly admits to her quest for power, because power is the only way that things get done. Her brain takes care of science and discovery and her brawn physical needs, but power is how she will ‘help’ society.

Now, the Golden Amazon will rise.

But will the Golden Amazon use her power for good? Or will the world fall foul to her violent and harsh measures?

Only one thing is clear: the Earth is running out of time…

The Golden Amazon is a gripping science fiction novel, the first in the Original Golden Amazon series by John Russell Fearn. For the first time in ebook, you can now read these fantastic stories of post-war dystopia and transfixing wonder.

My Review:

I really liked the beginning part about the history of the Golden Amazon, it was amazing to read how this series hasn’t been in print for a while and that it’s in print again because of one person. I picked this book up because it sounded interesting and similar to the Wonder Woman stories that I grew up reading. This book did not disappoint, they were fun and enjoyable. I hope the rest of the vols come out soon as I really enjoyed this and can’t wait for more. So thank you John Russell Fearn for creating a really cool and interesting series and to Phillip Harbottle for bringing the Golden Amazon to a new generation.

5 out of 5 stars

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