Bullet Riddled: The First S.W.A.T. Officer Inside Columbine…and Beyond by Grant M. Whitus and Thim Vines



Grant Whitus joined the Colorado S.W.A.T in 1992. His seventeen year career was one of constant headlines. Among leading countless drug raids and hostage situations, he was on the front lines of the Columbine Massacre, The Platte County Tragedy, the Albert Petrosky shooting, and the Granby tank rampage. Speaking for the first time, Whitus gives the unvarnished truth of those, and many other, major S.W.A.T operations. Now retired, he opens up about his time behind the shield. Bullet Riddled is the full unabridged disclosure of what happened during his storied career; including the brutal morning of the Columbine Massacre. More than just a retelling, Bullet-Riddled is an in-depth look at the day-to-day of S.W.A.T and focuses on the men and women who inherit so much pain to keep us safe. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the aftermath of the Columbine tragedy. The following days saw major changes within S.W.A.T. Men cracked, leaders folded and the entire country demanded changes. But these changes, like all reforms, met with stiff resistance from the old guard. Friendships turned into rivals and the infrastructure of S.W.A.T began to unravel. As resignations piled up, Grant rebuilt the entire team from hand-selected recruits. He finally had his elite team, one that would face new demons and disorders

My Review:

I was given this book from the publisher in exchange for a honest review.

Bullet Riddled is a book by former Colorado police Sergeant Grant Whitus, in the book he goes on to describe cases he’s been through, setting the record straight and how those cases affected him in his life. A lot of these stories in the book do not end happily but there are a few stories that are amusing, such as the bear story and the time he swallowed his puke. Sergeant Whitus’ writing is engaging and kept my attention fully. I also liked that after each chapter he included photos and it really helped to paint a picture of the story. I appreciated all the effect made in this book and it shows all the stress that a police officer goes through, i’m glad that Sergeant Whitus was able to come out of his dark time and move past it to be happy. One of the best moments was that in the end when he explains how he reconnects with his old colleague Barry Williams. Overall this was a powerful series of experiences and I would recommend this to anyone that’s a fan of true crime or non-fiction works.

5 out of 5 stars

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