Here Comes The King by Philip Lindsay



“England, 1540.

After a string of of doomed marriages Henry VIII despairs of finding a wife who is both trustworthy and pleasing to him.

When Katherine Howard catches his eye at court, a hope flutters in him which revives the ageing king.

Innocent, beautiful and easy to love, Henry wastes no time in sealing marriage with his new bride and even dreams of another son to join his sickly heir Edward.

But in a court dominated by Henry’s unpredictable passions, not even Katherine is safe.

Henry, no longer the slender, young monarch, had grown bloated and become a glutton with table manners more suited to the farmyard than the palace.

Katherine’s youthful eye begins to wander as she seeks solace with a coterie of lovers …

A dangerous affair is formed and fuelled by daredevil nature of love, and leaves in its wake terrified witnesses.

Surely it is only a matter of time before the King finds out…and in this sinking ship no one will survive… ”

My Review:

This was a cool novel about King Henry VIII’s fifth wive Katherine Howard, it was enjoyable to read, I felt really bad for Katherine Howard especially during the end. I thought the story was really well-written and the characters in the novel felt true to the real life counterparts,

4 out of 5 stars

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