Southern Haunts: Magick Beneath the Moonlight by Alexander S. Brown


My Review:

Magick Beneath the Moonlight is the third in an anthology called Southern Haunts:
Granny Wise was a very well written story, I liked the Granny Wise character and was interested to learn more about the legend of Granny Wise. I liked that the couple that sought Granny’s help were different in the beginning vs the end. I thought the husband was going to be a full on evil man but Granny was able to find good in him.
Live Big is a great story that works as a psychological thriller or a supernatural story. The one complaint that I had about this story is that it didn’t feel like a witch story as much as a possessed doll or mad gone insane story.
The Priestess’ Trunk was not what I expected, in a very good way. The story is about a boy named Jamie who just got a new stepmom and a new house, during the time where he looks around the house he finds a locked door that he becomes obsessed with and inside is a trunk. I found this story to be well-written and was very impressed with it.
The Witch of Honey, Kudzu, and Coyotes I liked that there were stories that connected to each other. The characters were well written and I loved that the witch in it toyed with the narrator. I also liked the use of coyotes as companions for witches, it was a bold choice that seemed to fit.
The Untold Tale of Wiccademous, I really liked this one, from the legend of Isabel and her friend Odine to the twist at the very end of the story. The main narrator seemed to follow the scary movie trope that when someone tells you not to go into the woods the first thing you do is to go into the woods.
Vengeance is about a woman who has been able to speak to ghosts all her life, and she’s telling the story of the witch. Both characters were awesome and I hope there’s a sequel for this one.
The Jar, I found this one fun and would make a great horror film, it’s about a boyfriend and girlfriend going on a date and ghost-hunting until things turn weird. Overall I found it a fun read and would like to read a sequel for this one as well.
La Voyante, I really liked this story what I liked about it was the main character Cass was a person that I could relate to in the beginning. I wondered what she was going to write for the end of her story and when it ended it did not disappoint.
Cursed was a wonderful period piece with a bunch of twists and gory deaths, I enjoyed this one very much.
Secrets of the Heart, was fun as it starts with a tense situation and ends with a bang. I liked the character Colleen and felt bad for her when her husband abandoned her. None of the other character were good people and I think that was what the author was going for and it worked well.
Tell Me Where He Lies, I did not feel bad for Max at all and was glad when he got what he deserved.
The Shadows, that was a really sad story, no one in this story had a happy ending, I loved the cursed plantation that carried on to an asylum. It was really well-written that I felt bad for all the characters in the story.
Docta Bones, it was an ok story it wasn’t my favorite as I felt it was a little hard to read but it was good.
I liked In the Dark, it felt different from the other stories and I liked that it was about a witch and her apprentice in multiple parts.
The Apartment House, what was great about this one was that there was a story sectioned into apartments and the killings are based on the person’s interest. I found Apartment 2 the most disturbing as we watch the lady commit suicide without wanting to. I also liked that the killer got his in the end.
Without Xango There Is No Oxalla, what was great about this story was that it was about Spanish witches seeking revenge and I liked that it was different from the other stories in the series but fit anyway.
The Bone Picker Witch, this story was wonderful it was filled with Native American lore and had the evilest character I read in this series. I felt so bad for Fala and her child and glad she got revenge on Mitchell.
Dances With Witches I liked the story, it followed the theme of this series with revenge. Jethro is a killer that tangled with the wrong woman, and paid the price for it. Overall I enjoyed reading this story and look forward to more from the author.

Overall I really enjoyed the collection of stories and loved the first two and found this to be a worthy book in the series. I would have liked more stories on different witchcraft besides voodoo but I still enjoyed the whole a lot.

5 out of 5 stars

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