Magic Below by Laura J. Burns


Description from Publisher:

“When Princess Ozma summons Zerie Greenapple and her friends Vashti and Tabitha, they have no idea what awaits. Tasked with infiltrating Glinda the Good’s palace, Zerie travels by water, Vashti by land, and Tabitha by air. Zerie transforms into a mermaid and enters the underwater realm of Aquaria, where she is met with impossible obstacles. Not only is Zerie’s concept of time put to the test, but soon her memory, values, and sense of self are also strained. Unsure whom she can trust in Oz, will Zerie’s magic ultimately be used for good…or evil?
For ages 9-13. The second book in the Bewitched in Oz series.
*A story of magical fantasy paired with many realistic coming-of-age elements will resonate with the tween audience *Compelling, fast-paced adventure *Protagonist struggles with friendship issues as well as romantic interests *Will appeal especially to fans of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz *Offers a new way of looking at the fantastical world created by L. Frank Baum  ”

My Review:

I received this book to read on Netgalley on November 12th and finished it November 13th 2016. I could not put it down, I loved this adventure, it had everything I wanted in an Oz story, there was magic, mermaids and a war between two very powerful women. I was a big fan of the first book in the series Bewitched in Oz and this book does not disappoint, I thought it was written really well and the characters were really fleshed out. I loved the way the author was able to describe the people and places in the story it made me want to see it for myself. great thing about the story is that since there is a war between two witches there was a tension going on where you wonder who’s spying on who and when someone is revealed to actually be surprised it was a surprise for me too. The way the book ends made me excited for a third book. This book is slated for release on March 1st 2016. 5 out of 5 stars.


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